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Welcome to the Femojis Sticker App!

Femojis is available as a sticker app through iMessage or to install as a keyboard on Apple iPhone. We are working on the Android version as you read this!

We’re here to help you express your feelings in the most appropriate way possible—in Femojis. Whether you’re feeling happy, sexy, sad or bouncy, there’s a Femoji that will perfectly convey that feeling to your nearest group chat.

While femojis were created based on the female experience, they are for everyone of every stripe, breed, genre, type, stock, strain, or spot on the gender spectrum on this or any other planet. Femojis are for feminists, fembots, femme fatales, or anyone who feels the need to send a giant bouncing disembodied boob to their nearest and dearest.

Our core intention here a Femoji headquarters is for you to have fun, play nice and enjoy all of our creations.

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